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Elutia human acellular dermal matrix (hADM) is processed using a proprietary patented and gentle process to achieve a sterility assurance level (SAL) of 10-6, while preserving the key growth factors of native dermis.1

This unique proprietary process allows Elutia to offer a pliable, intact hADM matrix that supports angiogenesis,2 fast integration and rapid revascularization for your soft tissue reconstruction needs.3

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Closer to Nature for Optimal Outcomes.

Preservation of the native extracellular matrix (ECM).

Collagen IV Staining1

a comparison between the native dermis and SimpliDerm

To promote healthy tissue remodeling and regeneration, it is important that the acellular dermal matrix (ADM) preserves the intact ECM structure found in its native state.

Elutia has developed a proprietary ADM process that retains several key growth factors and structural components of human dermis to support robust blood vessel formation and provide mechanical strength, collagen integrity, and bioactive components similar to native dermis.1

Illustration of Cell-to-ECM Interaction

An illustration showing the human dermis
Extracellular Matrix of the Human Dermis
  • The ECM of SimpliDerm provides an intact matrix membrane that supports cell migration and angiogenesis1
  • Preserved intact bioactive proteins in SimpliDerm facilitate critical cell-to-cell activities and cell-to-ECM communication1
  • The ECM in SimpliDerm provides a framework to promote tissue repair and regeneration1

Lower Inflammatory Response.

Healthy Regeneration.

SimpliDerm vs. Another hADM Product

A chart with bar graphs comparing products
Lower Pro-inflammatory M1 Macrophage Protein (TNFa) vs Another Human ADM Product

SimpliDerm demonstrated a statistically significant lower pro-inflammatory response compared to another human ADM product at 12 weeks. p<0.052

CD68: Macrophage Marker Indicative of Inflammation

An image of cells showing areas that are inflamed
Lower Inflammatory Response at 4 Weeks

SimpliDerm demonstrated a lower inflammatory response, more robust matrix regeneration and integration, and lower fibrotic response when compared with another human ADM product in a non-human primate model.2

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Excellent choice for soft tissue reconstruction.

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SimpliDerm Features

  • Proprietary and patented gentle processing1
  • Sterile: Sterility assurance level (SAL) 10-6 1
  • Ready to Use: Pre-hydrated without damage to matrix1

SimpliDerm Advantages

  • Closer to human dermis1
  • Low inflammatory response2
  • Rapid integration3
  • Pliable matrix1

By maintaining a more intact matrix, SimpliDerm enhances and supports the angiogenic process, provides a pliable matrix, and results in a lower risk of inflammatory response2, fast integration and rapid revascularization.3 For your peace of mind and ease of use, pre-hydrated SimpliDerm has a sterility assurance level (SAL) of 10-6 and requires a minimal 2-minute sterile rinse.1

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1. Data on file at Elutia Inc.
2. Based on pre-clinical data on file
3. Demonstrated in as little as 2-weeks based on pre-clinical data on file


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