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Closer to Nature. Better Results.3

The natural allograft option that is as close to nature as possible.

SimpliDerm® is a pre-hydrated human acellular dermal matrix with a sterility assurance level (SAL) of 10-6 and requires a minimal 2-minute sterile rinse for convenient intraoperative use.1

By maintaining a more intact matrix, SimpliDerm enhances and supports the angiogenic process, provides a more pliable matrix, and results in a lower risk of inflammatory response3, fast integration and rapid revascularization.4

SimpliDerm is available in both Ellipse and rectangular sizes designed to meet a range of surgical needs and provide intraoperative ease of use1,2. SimpliDerm with perforations is available to facilitate plane-to-plane fluid transfer upon implantation.2

Animation of how SimpliDerm works
  • Innovative processing3
  • Lower inflammatory response3
  • Rapid integration4
  • Pliable matrix3
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In direct comparison to another human ADM product, SimpliDerm has lower inflammatory response, robust matrix regeneration and integration, and lower fibrotic response in a non-human primate model.3
  • A lower inflammatory response at 4 weeks3
  • A significantly lower pro-inflammatory M1 macrophage protein (TNFα) response (p<0.05) at 12 weeks3
  • Lower fibrotic response at 12 weeks3
  • Greater tissue strength and suture retention at 12 weeks3

Surgeon Approved.

“SimpliDerm is an easy-to-use, pliable, and strong human acellular dermal matrix with consistent thickness uniformity. In my practice, I have found that SimpliDerm allows rapid integration and revascularization with limited inflammatory response and performs better than other hADMs I have used. The SimpliDerm perforated portfolio is well designed and available in both rectangular and Ellipse shapes to customize for each case.”

Mauricio De La Garza, M.D.,
DHR Health, McAllen, Texas

Close to Nature.

Choose the allograft option that is as close to nature as possible.

SimpliDerm Product Features and Benefits Diagram

Elutia uses a proprietary, patented and gentle process to achieve a sterility assurance level (SAL) of 10-6, while preserving the key growth factors of native dermis.1,3 Due to this unique proprietary process, SimpliDerm offers a more pliable, intact matrix membrane that supports the angiogenic process, demonstrating a lower risk of inflammatory response3, faster integration and more rapid revascularization.4


Instructions for Use Video.

SimpliDerm Instructions for Use video including product Description, Indications for Use, How Supplied, and Preparation for Procedure, Contraindications, and Warnings.1
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SimpliDerm Pre-Clinical Data

Pre-clinical studies demonstrate that SimpliDerm is designed and processed to preserve the natural matrix as close as possible to native dermis for better tissue repair and regeneration.3

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SimpliDerm Perforated

Our SimpliDerm perforated portfolio available in both Ellipse™ and rectangular shapes is designed to provide intraoperative ease of use and to facilitate plane-to-plane fluid transfer upon implantation. 1, 2

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Elutia Reimbursement

The Elutia Reimbursement Support Center is available to assist with your Coverage, Coding, and Payment questions for SimpliDerm.

Product Specifications

Sizing and Ordering Information
  • Product Numbers are for U.S. only.
SimpliDerm™ Thickness: 0.99 – 1.99 MM
wdt_ID Product Number - Size
1 SD 090 1616P 16cm x 16cm
2 SD 090 1620P 16cm x 20cm
3 SD 090 1020ELP Ellipse™ Medium 10cm x 20cm
4 SD 090 1321ELP Ellipse™ Large 13cm x 21.5cm
SimpliDerm™ Thickness: 0.99 – 1.99 MM
wdt_ID Product Number Size
2 SD 090 0407 4cm x 7cm
3 SD 090 0412 4cm x 12cm
4 SD 090 0416 4cm x 16cm
5 SD 090 0510 5cm x 10cm
6 SD 090 0612 6cm x 12cm
7 SD 090 0616 6cm x 16cm
8 SD 090 0812 8cm x 12mm
9 SD 090 0816 8cm x 16cm
10 SD 090 0820 8cm x 20cm
11 SD 090 1212 12cm x 12cm
SimpliDerm™ Thickness: 2.00 – 3.50 MM
wdt_ID Product Number Size
5 SD 200 0407 4cm x 7cm
7 SD 200 0412 4cm x 12cm
8 SD 200 0416 4cm x 16cm
9 SD 200 0510 5cm x 10cm
10 SD 200 0612 6cm x 12cm
11 SD 200 0616 6cm x 16cm
12 SD 200 0715 7cm x 15cm
13 SD 200 0812 8cm x 12cm
14 SD 200 0816 8cm x 16cm
15 SD 200 0820 8cm x 20cm
SimpliDerm™ Thickness: 2.80 – 3.50 MM
wdt_ID Product Number Size
1 SD.280.0407 4cm x 7cm

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1. SimpliDerm Instructions for Use
2. SimpliDerm Perforated Instructions for Use
3. Based on pre-clinical data on file
4. Demonstrated in as little as 2-weeks based on pre-clinical data


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