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For Neurostimulators

Stabilize Neurostimulators with Healthy, Vascularized Tissue.1

CanGaroo Envelope secures the device and promotes pocket health.

Extracellular matrix (ECM) regulates the biologic healing response to decrease inflammation and stimulate formation of healthy tissue.2 CanGaroo is an ECM  that creates a hospitable environment for host cells to migrate into and initiate tissue remodeling.1,3 The new, healthy tissue secures and protects the implanted electronic device.1
Figure of Cardiac Tissue Repair in donated heart
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Physician Trust.

Physicians use CanGaroo to reduce inflammation, mitigate device migration and/or erosion by securing the device in healthy, vascularized tissue.1 Our goal is to provide a strategy that promotes pocket health.

Create a Healthy Pocket.

Using CanGaroo at time of implant can stabilize the device and promote pocket health by promoting the regeneration of healthy tissue.1 CanGaroo may be used in the following procedures:

CanGaroo provides a soft layer around the device which helps anchor the implantable electronic device, naturally mitigating risk of migration and/or erosion.1 CanGaroo may facilitate device implant by providing additional anchoring points.4

The First. The Only.

CanGaroo is the first and only natural biologic envelope designed for implantable electronic devices.

CanGaroo Envelope Diagram

For implantable electronic devices, CanGaroo offers a healthy pocket solution for patients with thin skin and patients expected to experience multiple generator change-outs in a lifetime.6,7

ECM. How It Works.



CanGaroo easily conforms to the shape of the implantable electronic device.5 Once implanted, CanGaroo Envelope creates a hospitable environment for the surrounding cells to migrate into the bioscaffold and start matrix turnover, promoting regeneration of healthy, vascularized tissue.2,3,6



The ECM promotes the biologic healing response triggered by the procedure to reduce inflammation and modulate healing.2


Within the New Tissue

As remodeling concludes, the implantable electronic device is secured naturally with the new tissue.1 The result is systemically connected, vascularized tissue that surrounds the device.1

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How ECM Remodels

Learn more about ECM and regenerative remodeling in this video with Dr. Badylak, tissue remodeling expert, Pittsburgh.

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How to Use CanGaroo

In this video you will learn how to prepare the CanGaroo for implantation.

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ECM & Inflammation

Learn more about ECM and how it regulates healing post implant.

Product Specifications

Sizing and Ordering Information
  • Product Numbers are for U.S. only.
  • For International Sales Contact Customer Service.
Available in 5 Sizes, Multiple Packaging Options, Extended Shelf Life
  • Available in 2 packaging configurations, 2.5 year shelf life (30 months)
wdt_ID Size Dimensions Recommended Device Size
1 Small 5.4cm x 5.0cm Pediatric Pacemaker
2 Medium 6.9cm x 6.5cm Pacemaker
3 Large 6.9cm x 8.0cm ICD
4 X-Large 6.9cm x 9.5cm CRT-D and ICD
5 Sub-Q 10.8cm x 8.9cm S-ICD
Ordering Information
wdt_ID Product Number Size
1 CMCV–009–SML CanGaroo® Envelope, S, Single Pack
2 CMCV–009-MED CanGaroo® Envelope, M, Single Pack
3 CMCV–009-LRG CanGaroo® Envelope, L, Single Pack
4 CMCV–009-XLG CanGaroo® Envelope, XL, Single Pack
5 CMCV–009-XXL CanGaroo® Envelope, XXL, Single Pack
6 CMCV–010–SML CanGaroo® Envelope, S, Five Pack
7 CMCV–010-MED CanGaroo® Envelope, M, Five Pack
8 CMCV–010-LRG CanGaroo® Envelope, L, Five Pack
9 CMCV–010-XLG CanGaroo® Envelope, XL, Five Pack
10 CMCV–010-XXL CanGaroo® Envelope, XXL, Five Pack

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